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A Different Kind Of Training


Students at Iron Dragon commit to training on set days. Classes are offered Monday evening, Thursday evening, and Saturday morning. Iron Dragon is an adult school and accepts students from age 14-15 and older. On weekdays, the school opens as early as 5:00 pm for students, and most arrive around 5:30. Class ends at about 8:30 pm. On Saturdays, students arrive at 8:00 am and train until about 11 am. In a typical class, students can expect to do some combination of cardio and strength training, body hardening, sparring and/or practical self-defense techniques, Kenpo study, specialty training, and internal training and meditation.

The core system at Iron Dragon is Kosho Senjutsu Kenpo. This system incorporates the original Tracy system Chinese Kenpo dating back to the 1960’s and Great Grand Master Mitose’s Kosho Shorei. Grand Master Arquilla fused these two systems at the request of Great Grand Master Mitose and with the permission of Grand Master Al Tracy in 1990. Training in the Kosho Senjutsu Kenpo system makes up the majority of all training.

In addition to Kosho Senjutsu Kenpo, students are introduced to traditional hard styles from Korea, Okinawa and Japan, the softer styles of Northern and Southern Gung Fu, internal training systems including San Chin and Tai Chi and weaponry from Kenpo, traditional Northern and Southern Chinese weapons, traditional hard style weapons, and modern tactical weapons. All weapons training is at Grand Master Arquilla’s discretion, as is more in-depth training in the Gung Fu systems and specialty forms. About 85-90% of training is common to all students, and the remaining 10-15% is specialty-training chosen by Grand Master Arquilla based upon the individual student’s interests, affinities, and abilities.

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