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Hello my name is Stan Toscano. I opened the Iron Dragon Tactical School of Self Defense on May l, 2009 in Galt, California. For the last eight years this Kenpo Karate school has been owned and operated by myself. Prior to this site, I’ve taught at a couple of different locations.


I have been an active student of Grand Master Ray Arquilla for over thirty years. I retired from Law Enforcement after thirty years. I have a lifetime teaching credential from the State of California. For over eight years I have worked under the direct supervision of Grand Master Ray Arquilla developing the Iron Dragon Kenpo Cane Senjutsu System. During this time I have also received my Shodan Rank from Grand Master Shuey, founder of American Cane/Cane Masters. Additionally I provide Cane-Fu training for seniors, or those with physical limitations or concerns.

Master Stan Toscano

I was the Chief Weapons Impact Instructor and Master Trainer for the Firearms program for the State of California. I am a Post Certified Law Enforcement Instructor, providing Defensive Tactics and Firearms at a Police Academy. In addition to formalize Kenpo and Cane, I have provided Kids Safe/Safety Seminars for Kids, and Kubotan Self Defense Classes.


I am contracted with Charter and Public Schools providing Physical Education. I am also a Boy Scouts of America Personal Fitness Counselor, and contracted by the County of Sacramento to provide Violence in the Workplace classes.


This gives you a brief description of myself and the knowledge that I have obtained over the years.

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