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Grand Master Arquilla opened the Iron Dragon Kosho Shorei Martial Arts Institute in 1992, and he still teaches, continues his personal study, and trains several hours a day six days per week. His students still learn from the original Tracy Chinese Kenpo manuals of the late 1960s along with additional material from Kosho Shorei, Japanese and Korean hard styles, Northern and Southern Gung Fu, and Tai Chi, which he has added to enhance their knowledge of their core Kenpo system. Throughout Grand Master Arquilla’s life he has proven to himself that the self-defense techniques of Kenpo work in the real world. He never intended to stay in Kenpo, but he has never yet found a more complete self-defense system in all his studies. His teaching of fight theory revolves around this experience. He believes that martial arts should be available to anyone, but it isn’t for everyone.



The Iron Dragon Kosho Shorei Martial Arts Institute is dedicated to serious and in-depth study of martial arts. The school is among the most traditional in the area and protocol is very important. All training is under Grand Master Arquilla’s personal supervision, and everything is merit-based. There is no set timeline for an individual’s progression in the art and no set schedule for belt promotions. Other martial arts schools teach life skills, wellness, and self-improvement and martial arts skill is a by-product of that journey. Here, students embrace the martial arts first, and through hard work and sacrifice they become better people. All students travel the path of the martial arts together, but everyone is on their own journey. The literal translation of “gung fu” is “bitter work”. Training at Iron Dragon is arduous, long, and suited for those with the patience and perseverance to travel the long road of the art.

At Iron Dragon, students must learn all aspects of martial arts, including Kenpo as it was taught to him, with sparring and practical self-defense techniques; body hardening through San Chin, makiwara, iron palm, and wing chun dummy training; Northern and Southern Gung Fu as they relate to Kenpo; Kosho Shorei; and Tai Chi and meditation for health and to strengthen the mind. He has found that martial arts improve everyone who trains. It enhances who they are, and they become more fully what they already are inside. Watching students grow and change as people is as rewarding as seeing them become accomplished martial artists.

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